Saturday, April 18, 2009


The border collie hopped the bus to Mystic Lake Casino this morning. Too noisy to think, he told me. I stayed behind and kept watch on the mounting tension around the yard.

The replacements showed up late last night. Unions folks call them scabs. They are a cast of mean characters -- look like they could chew you to bits. Anyway, they've set to working on the various projects hanging from area trees.

Needless to say, the locals don't like it one bit. They've been taunting the rats and the rats have been taunting right back. Glad I don't speak rat or squirrel. All I know is neither side is paying much attention to me. The border collie, meanwhile, gave me a call and said he's called in a mediator. Someone he thinks will either persuade the replacements to retreat, or.....


  1. Cool post... Last night The Girl and I were walking and saw a big creepy rat. It made me jump a little... scary!

  2. Riley T--how fortunate you are to have the border collie. Only he could get the Richard Holbrook of the owl world in to mediate. You're going to need body bags though. . .

  3. that border collie has powerful friends.