Friday, April 22, 2011

Between jobs

So one of the housemates, the one with the longer legs, has been staying home a lot lately. Something about being between jobs. He has a lot of time on his paws. We walk longer in the morning. I like that. Then he added a second even longer walk in the late afternoon. I liked it a lot. At first. Then they got longer. And they come rain or shine. And it's all business. I can hardly get a sniff in edgewise.

Meanwhile, The natives are staking out their territory. Mine is unguarded during peak territory grabbing hours. I can't really tell him that I have work to do. Sort of sounds a little insensitive. So we walk. And walk. Did I mention I'm nine years old? Not a pup. I was feeling it in my hips.

Today, good news. Long legs won't be between jobs much longer. Come May 10, I'm back full time on yard patrol. May 10. That's a long way away. My hips can tell you that...


  1. hmph. you'll miss those walks when he starts his new job!

  2. So Riley, take a nice soak, maybe a massage. Cos the natives are going to be relaxed, thinking you have retired. Come May 10th, it's gonna be Hip Hip hurray!

  3. Yes, we hear you Riley T--it's hard to be the only workin' stiff. The natives are probably pushing to get higher nests built before you're free of forced marches.

  4. Your dog looks beautiful and has a sweet eyes!