Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big gun

Trouble. Guest host decided to hibernate, so we called in the Big Gun. Boscoe T. Smudge doesn't like to waste his time on something as trivial as squirrel patrol, but he agreed to have at it today.

His report: "It's recycling day in the neighborhood, so I just told the little annoyances that some good stuff could be unearthed in those bins. I once speared a bagel in one bin and cream cheese in another. I still have the snapshots. That made for a lot of rattling in the plastic today, but I paid no mind."

Indeed, the wise one curled up and calmly rode the Zs.


  1. How unfortunate to have to call in a guest host so soon, but all your readers understand the importance of good dental care. My only concern is that Boscoe's priorities may not be consistent with the "been chasing squirrels" masthead. Regardless, I predict you'll e a Blog of Note by the end of March.

  2. boscoe appears to be more interested in "been distracting squirrels with recycling."

  3. I mostly growl at squirrels. I don't really chase them that much. My kitties don't run up trees, so I mostly chase them. Between naps of course. Us geezers gotta nap.


  4. Riley, Boscoe doesn't understand the term 'chasing squirrels.' He doesn't know what that means. He thinks it means keeping them occupied with trash. Now, you know that's not what it is all about. Get back to the job, guy.

  5. When I was a little girl we drank a chocolate syrup called Boscoe in our milk!!!