Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mix up at the agency

Remember Nigel? He was supposed to join me to help shore up the ranks with spring approaching and the squirrels on the move. Well, the agency calls me Tuesday and says Nigel can't make it. Something about having to fill in for some cowboy monkey at a trade show in Racine. I was livid. I read them the riot act. I read then two riot acts. They sent a substitute, below. His name is Marshall Dillon. Um, I think Festus is more like it.


  1. It's hard to get good help these days. Do you think a gimpy Dobie could be of assistance? He still has a ferocious bark.

  2. I suppose I could help you, I don't live too far away. I don't wear cloze though, so if that is a requisite for the job, you can forget me.


  3. Too funny...and here I am again.

  4. One look at his outfit and the Squirrels should be falling out of the trees laughing:)

  5. Festus, now that had me in stitches! He won't be able to hunt anything in those clothes!

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