Monday, May 18, 2009


We're back from two not-all-that-relaxing weeks off. The border collie got sick during our vacation and now we have to stick him with a needle twice a day.

The border collie won't admit he's sick. He calls it a plot by the white coats to extract more dead presidents from a couple of working dogs.

I'm worried. I've gotten used to the border collie and, well, chasing the natives is now completely up to me -- squirrel and rabbit aren't part of the approved diet the white coats developed for the border collie. I was pacing the floor when the doorbell rang over the weekend.

I opened the door to find this basket on the doorstep with a note to the border collie. We hope you get well soon, it read, signed, the natives.


  1. You're right to be suspicious about natives bearing get well gifts, Riley T. Think of that basket as a Trojan horse and don't let your guard down. So sorry to learn that the border collie has some serious health problems. Don't worry though because am sure his mind is just fine so you can still count on him for strategy, right?

  2. I agree with Faye Riley. I bet there may be things in there that the border collie shouldn't eat. You should test it out-just in case. The ultimate sacrifice. Bet those milk bone treats are tasty!

    Don't worry about your partner-he'll be fine, and the exercise is good for him.