Saturday, May 2, 2009

On holiday

The housemates are wandering around in Ireland for a while, so we're taking a holiday of our own for a bit. The natives say they'll behave. We'll see.


  1. Good idea, Riley T. The housemates are probably taking the credit cards so even the border collie would be without resources. Suggest you just stay in the front of the house and try not to look out in the backyard or alley. Too bad the housemates couldn't make a stopover in London to discuss your case with MI-5. They're pretty good in a crisis.

  2. So jealous of your Ireland wanderings - wish you a wonderful trip. I'll be sure to take care of things at home.
    Teasing Dogs

  3. Riley T.--just got a post from the housemates. They're in Dublin. Didn't break anything on hikes so looks like your daily walks are guaranteed when they get home. Can't wait to hear how you dealt with the natives while they were gone. BTW, they didn't say anything about meeting extra cute border collies so looks like they've been faithful housemates. Good news, huh?