Wednesday, March 4, 2009


That Twister idea worked great -- until the bunnies showed up. Turns out, they flip over Twister. Can't get enough of it. So they moved in about 1:30. Rabbits don't do anything halfway and they show up in big numbers. They made one heckuva racket and they must have ordered 50 pizzas. Did they offer me a slice? No. And, now, shredded cardboard is everywhere in the alley.


  1. Riley T, the rabbits are just getting in on the action when they can. They know you'll soon be pitching kites out in the alley, hoping to fry a few squirrels when they foolishly fly them into overhead powerlines. Note: please have the border collie explain my faulty sentence construction."Theys" are either rabbits or squirrels and "thems" are the kites.

  2. That just made me laugh. You just have to find a new game to ensnare the squirrels, one that rabbits don't like.