Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks, Cliff package tracker delivered some bad news: my high-tech partner, which was supposed to arrive this weekend, is somewhere in the Yukon. Should be in Winnipeg by Tuesday then on a truck to Grand Forks, a snowmobile to St. Cloud and then a Chevy Monza to St. Paul by the end of the week.


  1. Oh my. Cliff probably got distracted sniffing those perfumed magazine inserts in his mailbag and mis-routed Robo Dog. Maybe you'll get a great surprise--Nigel back from his gig in Racine. Then you'll only have Boscoe to deal with for wasting his time ordering Robo Dog. Sometimes a guy just can't catch a break, right?

  2. What? They couldn't find sled dogs?

  3. If he needs a place to warm up between Grand Forks and St Cloud let me know...we need to keep this operation on the move! :)

  4. What, Riley, you ordered a Robo-dog?

    I hope its on skis or something otherwise, it will go right down to level 1 of the snowcover. Down where the squirrels play. Oh, man, you should have talked to me about this first!