Sunday, June 14, 2009

Analog dog days

The border collie wanted to catch the Twins-Cubs game, so we flicked on the TV. Nothing. Well, nothing besides a bunch of confetti. "What the???" the border collie mumbled as he futzed with the rabbit ears. Still nothing. "Check the aerial," he told me.

Well, we shouldn't have been surprised. One of the natives was doing a song and dance up there, chittering like a madman. "Get away from there or I'm coming up," I barked. Behind me, I heard snickering. I'm hearing more of that lately than I'd care to admit.

I wheeled around and caught an earful from Mitch, The Pizza Eating Native. "He's not the problem. You analog guys are outta luck," he mumbled, gnawing slice of pepperoni. "Time to start stealing cable."


  1. that border collie has so many interests! i'm impressed.

  2. I can see it now, Riley T. The Native Cable Guy taps into the neighbor's line in return for you agreeing to move the TV out on the sun porch. Everyone brings their lawn chairs down from the trees and settles in for some fuzz-free Friday night wrestling. Careful that you don't get stuck with the pizza bill again.