Sunday, June 7, 2009

Calm before the storm?

It's been quiet. Weird quiet. Too quiet. The natives have been suspiciously absent. Maybe all me hard work has paid off. Maybe this will be a summer of peace.

The border collie shakes his head when I say this. Check out that crew from the power company, he advises as he flips through an Orvis catalogue. Something's up.


  1. I wonder if the tail gave him away.

  2. Listen to the border collie, Riley T. He's right to be suspicious of that "power guy." I heard the natives are dealing with major construction cost overruns. Be sure this is not a native who's rented a power guy hat at a costume shop and now busily tapping into power lines that your housemates pay the bill on. That's just rude!

    BTW, I noticed the new header over at three dog blog. Very handsome! Was this photo taken on your--we hope--squirrel free patio?

  3. funny! .... there's a big squirrel squad you should join them... Go see Tank, he's got all the details...

    or Checkers...

    they would love new recruits