Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sheriff is back in town

You are up there somewhere, counting your blessings. I was on you and you know it. I saw the white of your rat-like body when I flipped you. I want you to know I let you make it to the tree. I had no choice because one of the housemates was telling me to back off.

I'm back, natives. My white teeth flashing. I'm back. It's going to hit 100 degrees today. I'm as hot as the weather and you'd better not stray far from the nearest tree.


  1. We could use a "sheriff" around here. The squirrels have been messing in the garden and even dug some flowers out of a pot on my deck for no reason. I'm thinking murderous thoughts now when I see one. :)

  2. Now Riley T, this is a new one on your readers. We've all heard of "cow tipping", but "squirrel flipping"? Tell us more. Sounds like the 100 degree temps are making the housemates a trio of killjoys--yours!

  3. did the border collie take those pictures? those are impressive.