Thursday, October 15, 2009


Wow. I feel this one. I'm 8 this week. We don't know actually what day. All I remember is a pair of speckled legs. Didn't get a lot of time with my momma dog or my brothers and sisters. I had a tough start. It's better now, but I still get blue now and then. On top of that, it's gray and rainy. The border collie pretended not to know what was up, but he's been busy...

...this morning I found this cake under the kitchen table. We're keeping it quiet until the house mates leave. The border collie's on a restricted diet. Maybe I'll leave a couple pieces for the natives. You gotta stick together when it's gray and rainy.


  1. ah, riley boo. boscoe boo looks out for you.
    but so do we.

  2. Happy birthday, Riley!!!

    Tiki & Kesey

  3. And what a handsome Birthday Boy you are, Riley T. Here's wishing you many more happy years--if it were not for those darned natives you'd have a near perfect life. . .