Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How cold is it?

Something happened way up in the sky and it got cold. And it snowed. The snow is sticking around.

It's very early for all this. The border collie spotted splotches in the yard and dispatched me to investigate. I thought they were socks, but turns out to be dozens of miniature snowmobile suits. Must be the natives. Unlike the geese and ducks who taunt us on their way south, the natives are stuck here with us all winter. At least someone is prepared...


  1. what was the border collie doing when he dispatched you? reading granta? watching "foyle's war"? playing online scrabble? he's always up to something....

  2. Oh, no--those natives have their own Outdoor Outfitters? Careful that they don't start pressing for the next winter Olympics to be held in your back 40, Riley T. BTW, that's a good question posed by Commenter Laurie. Exactly what does that border collie do to help the cause other than "gin" you? It must be exhausting to be the younger brother!