Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rough start

It's not going well with the new neighbor. She jumped us. Yes, she. And, yes, she jumped us on Day One.
Oh, there was a fence in the way, but she made her intentions very clear. We were returning from surveillance in the park when this flash of brown fur and white teeth headed our direction. "Whoa!" yelled Boscoe, "It's Cujo in a dress!"
She's a tall drink of water, that's for sure. She probably should be wearing a saddle.
We responded with our best mad dog imitations, barking and snarling and bouncing around like a hyena on Red Bull. We may not have been as impressive as I'd hoped: I heard the natives snickering from their nests.

Anyway, no welcome wagon for this new neighbor. Instead, we've ordered a few things from the Sears catalogue: an electric fence, with the optional Christmas lights; and a speed bag. I admit I'm a little out of shape. Tomorrow, a glass of raw eggs and some road work...


  1. You know, that she may have been flirting with you. You are a handsome thing...

  2. Cujo in a dress.. thanks for the laugh..I do hope the new neighbor turns out to be the next best thing since sliced bread:)

  3. It sounds like She's not used to you reserved MN men, Riley T. But rather than have the natives snickering I'd get on with the training plan.

  4. I wonder what the natives will make of your new neighbour. Maybe she's in cahoots with them already?!?!

  5. Hang tough, Riley, you can DO IT! Yer fast, yer smart, yer handsome and you've lived there awhile. Still, that is quite a formidable fence - just in case?!

  6. We hope yall hafe a Happy New Year.

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