Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tough one

So, one of the housemates spends a surprising amount of time following a football team that doesn't win many games. We just sort of keep our distance. He posts a flag in the back 40 every Saturday and glumly retrieves it the next day, mumbling something about how he needs a better hobby.

The South Dakota State Jackrabbit

Saturday, the game was more distracting for me than usual. I couldn't get the mascots out of my mind.... I'm not sure why....

The Minnesota Gopher

...the whole thing made me very hungry....


  1. Sorry, that gopher creeps us out. We've seen him do "funny" things with his tail.

  2. I'll bet you could give that jack rabbit a run for his money, Riley T. But what would be the point since I'm pretty sure you're a proponent of eating locally?

    BTW, how is the moleskin slipper production line coming along? Will you be able to make a killing (ha!) in Christmas sales?